To launch Hapara, click on the Hapara Tile located on the upper right of this screen or from your teacher portal. If prompted, enter your Google username (your email address) and your Google password (same as your computer login password). Choose allow if prompted by Google.

Once logged into Hapara, you will land on the Teacher Dashboard which will display allow of your courses. You may wish to click on the edit tool (small pencil) to create a course nickname (perhaps the class meeting period) and select a course color.

To open a course, click on it. Once inside, use the documentation below to get you started.

If you'd prefer a live training session, you can book a 30 minute training slot by clicking the following link: Schedule a Hapara Training Session

Please be sure to include your building and room number. Whenever possible, please invite others from your team, discipline, building, etc. Training session availability begins September 12, 2016.

If you used GoGuardian last year, Highlights contains a similar set of tools (Activity Viewer, Browser Tabs, Current Screens) to what GoGuardian provided.

In my opinion, two of the most powerful tools are Focused Browsing (limit student browsing to domains and/or pages of youre choice) and SmartShare (pushing out files to student Google drives).


Printable Resources (PDFs)

Hapara Dashboard Highlights User Guide Open Tabs and Focused Browsing Smart Share Managing Classes      

Video Resources

Most of the video resources were created using the "old" Hapara dashboard, and as such, the icons shown in the videos are in a different location or have been replaced with different/additional icons. The information is the same, but the screens shown in the videos look different than ones you'll see. The PDF files above show the new icons, current Dashboard, and essentially summarize these videos.

The main difference between the old and the new Dashboards are shown in the two images below. The new Dashboard has many more features than the old, hence the additional icons to access these new features.

Hapara Groups Sorting Student Panels Smart Share The Student Panel: Part 1 The Student Panel: Part 2 The Student Panel: Part 3 The Student Panel: Part 4 Hapara Highlights Overview
The Sharing Tab Teacher Dashboard Search            

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