Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are goals of the 1 to 1 Initiative?

Q: What is a 1 to 1 Initiative?

A: It is a District initiative to provide students with a District-owned device as a tool to help promote new instructional strategies and integrate 21stcentury learning skills into the classroom.

Q: How will the 1 to 1 initiative help our students?

A: 24/7 access to technology makes it possible for students to access a wider array of resources to support their learning, to communicate with peers and their teachers, and to become fluent in their use of the technological tools of the 21st century workplace.

Q: When will I receive the District-issued device?

A: Students will receive their device within the first two weeks of school, barring any manufacturing delays that are out of the Districtís control.

Q: May I use my own carrying case?

A: No. Students must use the case that the District has purchased. The District has researched many carrying cases and has provided the one that is the best at protecting the device.

Q: May I decorate the District provided case or bag?

A: No you may not decorate either the case or bag. Devices or carrying cases that have pencil/pen/magic marker writing on them, stickers or any other marks on them will be viewed as vandalism. There will be an associated cost to restore the device to the original condition if marked up intentionally.

Q: Who owns the District device?

A: The Donegal School District owns the District device. Students will receive the same device each school year for the functional life of the device. Therefore, it is very important that the device be taken care of it. You are required to leave all identification and inventory tags in place. Donít write on the device or attach any stickers to it.

Q: May I take the District device home?

A: 7th grade and older students may take the device home. The Parent/Student 1-to-1 Agreement form is to be completed, the Responsible Use Policy is to be signed, and the insurance form returned.

Q: May I access the Internet at home with the District device?

A: You may use the device at home and access your home network in support of academics. There is an Internet content filter installed, however; parents should not rely solely on the Internet filter as a catch all for inappropriate content. There is no such thing as a perfect filter and there is no substitution for parental supervision. Under no circumstances should anyone try to circumvent or tamper with the installed Internet content filter. Any attempts to remove or manipulate the filter will be considered a violation of the Districtís Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). You may or may not be able to print to your home printer. Because of the uniqueness of each home computing network, the District cannot provide support in regards to connection issues that occur with any home network or non-District owned peripheral devices (printers, scanners, storage devices, etc.).

Q: What do I do if my District device doesn't work or is damaged?

A: Please visit a support kiosk in your school's library. There you can file a support ticket and sign out a loaner device. Itís important not to delay as one problem can lead to another if not solved right away. If your computer is damaged, we will fix it or send it out for repair. If it needs to be repaired, we will loan you a device to use until it's returned. Under no circumstances should you or anyone else take the device to a third party to try to fix. District provided computing devices are property of the Donegal School District and District personnel shall fix all problems.

Q: May I put games or software on the District device?

A: The Donegal School District's IT Department manages the applications that are available on the devices. Any non-installable (web-based) games, software, or music that you have legally purchased may be put on your device, however; if you install anything on the device that causes it to stop functioning, it will be wiped and reformatted. This means all files that reside locally on the device will be lost. The District is not responsible for any financial loss incurred due to personally owned software, media, or any other data being wiped from a District-assigned device. Unlicensed software or illegally obtained media installed on a District-assigned device is prohibited and may result in legal action for copyright infringement and/or software piracy by the licensed owners of such.

Q: How do I carry my device?

A: Always carry the device in its case even when at home. The District supplies always-on style cases for this purpose. Carrying a laptop (notebook) computer by its screen can damage the hinge and/or display and result in a chargeable repair.

Q: Where do I keep my District device while at school?

A: At school, you will carry your device to all your classes. For any classes not requiring your device, or during lunch, you must store your device in your locked locker or keep it with you. You are responsible for the device and should never leave it unattended or unsecured.

Q: Is there anything special I should do with my District device at home

A: Be sure you plug it in overnight so you come to school with a fully charged battery. Bring your device with you every day to school. You will be responsible if your device is not ready for classwork every day.

Q: How long will I have the District device?

A: You will receive a new computing device in grades 5 and 9. The device is yours to use during the school year. Prior to the beginning of summer, we will collect the devices to clean and prepare them for the coming school year. The same device will be returned to you each year for 4 years.